I watched this ages ago but my life has since been sucked out of me. Last week was probably my most horrible work week ever!!! Easily 15+ hrs work day!!! *CRIES* Anyway, the worst is behind me (hopefully!!) and now I’m catching up on my BLOG!!! The new animes for the coming season is just around the corner and I’m hoping there will be good shows!!

So HOTD unsurprisingly left us with an ending that reminisces me of the Resident Evil ones. YEP…very likely for there to be a season 2. This episode was ok but can’t expect from much from a quasi-finale. We get to see Takagi’s parents kick ASS and OMG look at her mum!! hahaha I never really got why she needed to rip her dress. I mean, isn’t it short enough!!?! hahaha Entertaining enough anyway. The youngsters jump onto the repaired humvee and drive off into the sunset…off to find their families. On the otherhand, Takagi’s parents and their followers fight their way out the gates. I kind of thought it was wrong for them to drive off and leave the adults behind… :( They should all have their own humvees!!!

Anyway, this was an entertaining enough anime. I will watch season 2 if it does come up. ^_^