This episode WHOOSHED by before I even realised!! Too short!!! :( Surprising, it was another chapter where not a lot happened BUT…SHIDO reappears!!! Aaaah!! That nasty evil teacher!!! We receive another reminder of how horrible he just is – one of his students must have talked back at him and as a result he got thrown to the zombies!!! X_X To make it worse, him and his busload of losers managed to get inside the gates of the Takagi household!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

That good for nothing Shido used one of the student’s oversized breasts to talk the security guard into letting him in. Luckily he’s evil side is seen through by Takagi’s father and him and his students are thrown outside of the gates!!!! YEAH!!! For a second I thought he’d be able to stay and work his evil ways again. Phew. If only he would just die and disappear…*sigh*