This is quite an amazing day!!! Really! I mean, yes, we managed to hunt down the raws of Ch 20 Girl Friends, but to me today is special because Yasashii sekai… just turned ONE!! It’s been exactly one year since I first stumbled on the idea of starting a blog. Ask me that 2 yrs ago, I would have said “But I can’t write!!” or “I’m SO not that type of person!” haha Now look what we have here??!

From being a random place for me to tell the world how I’m crazy about the J-drama Proposal Daisakusen to Last Friends then finally to the world of yuri! Now did things go exponential from that point on!!! LOL

I’ve said this many times but at the end of the day it really comes down to peoples’ visits and comments that keeps this blog going! In the last year I think we’ve had a few highlights:

  • On the anime front, there was MARIMITE, of course!! haha But we cannot forget about Ichigo Mashimaro (Miu-chan & co), Mai-Otome (ShizNat!!), Blue Drop and Sola! For Season 4 of Marimite we also managed to squeeze in a bit of his versus her view!! Thanks Thingle!! That was something fresh!!
  • Now to seiyuu…surely Shizuka Ito would top that list!! haha Oh and Hitomi and her mistresses! Err…which would be Shizuka again!?! LOL
  • Manga wise, Tessa did a wonderful 4-part recommendation on yuri anime!! Thanks to her I tumbled straight into the world of Aoi Hana, Strawberry Shake Sweet, Nana and Hitomi and…hmm…let’s say other ‘interesting’ (aka. ecchi) works. hahaha
  • Finally, the winner in the drama category must have been LAST FRIENDS!! Despite the angst, it was daring, fresh and we got to see Juri’s amazing performance. For all yuri fans out there, you should definitely check this out!! I doubt it’ll work to your ideal but for Juri, a MUST SEE!!


Once again, thanks to you guys, Yasashii sekai… continues to grow at FULL speed!! I hope I can bring more entertaining stuff ur way!! Whether it is a grin to start the day, a small suppressed giggle or maybe even full on laughter…just something silly to take you away from reality! If all things at work, school or studies are going haywire, hey, there’s still yuri!! Best of all, there are others like you ready to gush over another unoriginal-but-we-still-like-it yuri anime/manga. ^_____^


Isn’t the Marimite chibi gang CUTE?!?!? LOVE THEM!! haha Oh and just to be fair, I had to drop in a pic of Last Friends! =) LOOOOOOVE Juri too!! Almost makes me go *doki doki* hehehe Well that’s it for now!! Talk to u again…shortly! =P