This episode is PRETTY ECCHI!!! YET AGAIN!!! Saeko Saeko…she’s seriously popping out of that apron!! So continuing from episode 8, the gang drives the humvee across the river!!! NICE!!! That humvee sure is getting handy!! Once they’re crossed the waters, the girls get changed back in their clothes. I forgotten why they couldn’t wear it in the first place – I think they were being cleaned but if you ask me, it was just asking for a dramatic effect when we see them back in their busty uniforms armed with guns and weapons. hahaha

It’s all quiet on the other side and they decide to make way to Takagi’s place as her house is the nearest. All is going well until they start running into many zombies regardless of which turn they make. They finally reach one street and almost crash into a metal barricade. All goes wrong here. Rei flies out the front windscreen from the sudden braking of the humvee (kind of wish the sensei could drive better!!!) AND the humvee breaks down. NICE! Now they’re surrounded by hundreds of zombies!!! AAAAAAAH!!!

Now this is where the ecchi is taken to another level. As Sapphire Onee-chan said, “it’s ecchi with a PURPOSE!!” LOL Rei’s breasts are used to hold up the rifle and maybe cushions the recoil!?! O_O And Saeko’s can DODGY bullets!! O_O x 9999999

The best bit to this episode was just as everything seemed to be the end for them, some “firefighters” appear and helps the group over the metal barricade!!! *tears of happiness again* And guess who is one of the rescuers!!?! TAGAKI’S MUM!!! A RED HEAD!!! hahaahaha I can’t wait to hear their side of the story and how they put up the barricade etc. Can’t wait for episode 9!!!