Ok – first up, I’m definitely going to watch episode 2. It’s not jaw dropping stuff but I absolutely went NUTS when Hitomi’s character, Misa, appeared!! hehe The character and her voice was just a perfect match!! If you’re a fan, you have to watch this! I’ll explain in detail later.

First off, to give you a bit of an idea, this is a magical girls story. Yumiko, silver hair, recently discovered that she is a descendant of a great magician, Christobald. Her hair and purple eyes marks her as a magician. She ends up attending a magical school where she becomes the student of a 25 year old powerful magician, Misa! Very conveniently, Misa has a younger sister (blue hair) who is also a magician and is super friendly to Yumiko. This is where I hope some yuri may appear but not sure yet.

Below is the opening trailer of the anime.

The anime starts off with Yumiko trying to understand what it is to “compile the code”. It basically means the ability to create magic. While heading off to find the magical school, she is chased by a white-suited magician who wants to take her staff. She refuses so he’s chasing her down trying to kill her. As she does not know how to “compile the code”, she’s a bit screwed. Luckily, Yumiko saw the magician compile the sword code and was able to master it straight away. In addition to saving herself, her eyes were suddenly opened to all the “code” / magic in the world.

Yoku Ep1a

During all this action, she meets Koyomi, the blue hair girl. I like her warm friendly hello to Yumiko. :) For some reason, without the need for introductions, recognises her as Yumiko. She is also a descendant of another famous magician, Anehara Kenjuro. Although she has magical powers, her only ability is to cancel and transform someone’s code (i.e. spell or incantation) into a pan!! hehe

Yoku Ep1b

Now for the best bit in the episode (IMO), is Misa! She is a sexy and confident young woman and is Koyomi’s sister – also known to be one of the most powerful magicians around!! She’s my favourite character so far! Misa in a Santa suit + Hitomi’s voice = KAWAII!!!!! hehehe I’m a big fan of Hitomi’s voice so I’m very likely to be following this one!

Btw, the seiyuu of Mugi-chan from K-ON! will also be appearing – starting from episode 2!! Minako Kotobuki! Another reason to watch this! So who’s going to give this one a shot??