LOL!! Seriously – I’m not watching this anime for the story. But I think it turned out like there was some time traveling. Apparently Misa had sent Koyomi back in time 6 years ago to find out some password of a program that she had created then. That’s basically how it all started. Anyway, like I said, my mind didn’t really focused on the story.

I just love watching the characters!!! Look how cool Misa looks!! Looooove Naba-chan!!

Yoku Ep5a

BUT there’s still MORE!! haha My favourite quote for the week!!

Who am I? I’m a good Santa!!!


Yoku Ep5b

Last but not least, the anime HAD to somehow mention panties or breasts – so in this case, it was the breasts turn!! LOL

Yoku Ep5c

Just watch it for the characters!! HILARIOUS!!! But in all seriousness, I do hope that the story straightens out a bit more in the next episode. It would be a lot more satisfying…