The winner to the quiz is kANa CeSTyaKarA!! Congratulations!! Please email me your address details so that I can post you the CD!! 

Thanks to all the other participants! There weren’t many of you and I guess my questions were a tad hard. Oops. Oh well!! No pain no gain, right!?! haha

For those interested, here are the answers!!

1) In which year was the first volume of the Marimite light novel series released in Japan?

1998 (you can get this answer from Wiki).

2) There are 4 characters in this picture – please name them. Clue: From Season 2.


The part on the graduation was quite emotional – one of my favourite parts. This picture definitely cracked a laugh out of me!!! haha Gotta love Sei!!

3) Which two seiyuu are singing in this song?

It’s Touko (Rie Kugimiya) and Yumi (Kana Ueda) from the latest Christmas album! Track 5 – Angels We Have Heard on High.

4) What colour and model car does Sei drive?

Seriously, how easy is this one! Of course the yellow VW Beetle!!


6335846049714062505) What volume number of the light novel series is this book cover from?

It’s volume 10, titled Rainy Blue!!

6) Which seiyuu voiced two characters in Marimite?

That would be Hitomi Nabatame who voiced both Eriko Torii and Nana Arima!

7) Who are the two guests that will be appearing in the 7th web radio broadcast on 25th March?

According to Animate TV, the next web radio session guests will be Sachiko (Miki Ito) and Touko (Rie Kugimiya).

8) Who almost slipped because of gingko nuts in the anime?

Sei! This was when she’s running off to find Sachiko in Season 1 when she disappears with Kashiwagi-san.

9) Which part of Marimite is this audio clip from? Name the episode, characters involved and briefly describe the scene.

This is one of my FAVOURITE scenes!! I think it’s a key turnaround point from the audience’s perspective on Touko and Yumi! KAWAII!!

10) Name all three seiyuu in the picture starting from far left clockwise. Please also note which characters they voice!

xyz1On the left you have Hitomi Nabatame who voices Eriko and Nana; then it’s Ami Koshimizu who voices Kanako and finally Kaori Shimizu who’s Noriko!!

Tada!! It wasn’t THAT bad, right?! haha Doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll do one again when I hit another milestone. ^_^