I think Yumiko (pink girl) is cursed with losing her…er um…panties!! haha That happened in episode 1 and is happening again now!! hahaha Not a whole lot happens in this episode but I am seriously getting a bit lost with the timeline of this anime?!?!

First it starts with Yumiko looking much older than what we saw in episode 1. Next we see Kaho and Koyomi taking lessons from Misa!?! When did Kaho become a mage in training too?! I thought we were simply introduced in episode 2 that Kaho was a classmate of Koyomi’s?! Finally, Yumiko and Koyomi meet again but they don’t seem to recognise each other…!?!?! Does someone know what’s going on?!!?!

Oh and there was a MARIMITE moment!!! AHAHAHAHA Yumiko fixes Koyomi’s tie and even says the classic Marimite line, “Gokigenyou”. *BEAM* hahahaha

Yoku Ep3a

Anyway. Koyomi and Yumiko bump into each other on some random occasion and basically goes off together to hunt down a Daemon that managed to run away with Yumiko’s favourite…umm…PANTIES!! You can imagine that obviously created a few awkward laughable moments. Did I mention that I like blushes?! There’s plenty of those!!

Yoku Ep3b

Now back to the story, just at the most crucial moment when the Daemons are attacking Yumiko, Koyomi comes to the rescue and manages to recode the magic i.e. change them into wash basins!!! hahaha The two didn’t quite get along at the start, but by the end, things are getting a tad friendlier! Well, kind of?!?

Yoku Ep3c

I don’t mind this anime at all but I’m just hoping that the timeline will fall back in place soon. It’s annoying!!