I’m becoming a growing fan of Misa and I’m almost 99% sure it’s because it’s Naba-chan that is voicing her!! I love her playful voice! I’m hooked!! haha It’s been a while since I watched an anime with Naba being a lead voice. The fact that Misa’s character slightly resembles Rin from Mnemosyne also helps!! The character here is laid back, relaxed and likes having a bit of fun!!! hahaha I like that second pic!! hahaha

Yoku Ep4b

Another aspect that’s really drawing me into this anime is the relationship between Misa and Yumiko! It’s like a love hate relationship!! hehe LOVE those!!

Yoku Ep4a

Of course, given the way things work in this anime, how can we not have an embarrassing scene on Yumiko?! haha Don’t worry! That’s effectively executed by no other, but Koyomi!!! Umm…kind of accidentally ripped something off there?! LOL

Yoku Ep4c

Definitely will continue watching this one!! I wonder what’s next…Misa playing dress ups??! I can handle that!! hahaha

Yoku Ep4d