The story is getting frustrating. I know it’s not important but we’re up to episode 6 now and we’re only up to the opening scene where the two girls are fighting that French mage!! For *BEEP* sake!! MOVE ON!! Koyomi for whatever reason travels back in time to 6 yrs ago where she meets the younger Yumiko. Together along with the Misa from the past, together destroys/kills the mage. At least we got a brief yuri-ish moment…

Yoku Ep6a

Oh and we get to see Misa in her “good Santa” outfit!!! I must admit that it STILL looks quite cute! Along with Hitomi’s voice!? PERFECT! Well finally the story for this bit has ended. I’m really keen on seeing a FRESH storyline. Can we please???

Yoku Ep6b