Well, the 57th Drama Academy Awards is JUST around the corner!! Apparently the voting will end on 22 July so I’m expecting the actual awards to be presented in the month of July. Sorry but I could not find the exact date!!

BUT! I did find out something!

BIG QUESTION: Who is going to run for best actress?

ANSWER: Masami Nagasawa

PROOF: Here –> THE nomination list

Oh well…I guess it was expected but I’m rooting for Juri and Eita to get the best actress/actor awards!!

Actually – this is my wish list:

Best supporting actress – Juri Ueno

Best supporting actor – Eita

Best actress – Masami Nagasawa 

Song drama award – Prisoner of Love!!

I actually don’t think Masami was that amazing but I’m all for LF!! hahaha Ideally, Last Friends should do a full sweep of all the awards but the above are the ones I’m most concerned about!

Anyway, GO LAST FRIENDS!! If only there was a way we could vote! I’ll keep you guys posted if I find out anything more!!

Love this damn show...^_^