Ok – I lied. Part 2 will NOT be the continuation of Tessa’s yuri manga series! Don’t worry! They have not disappeared. I just couldn’t help but post her recommendation of one-shots first!! You MUST MUST check Nana and Hitomi! I’m going to go on and on about this manga after everyone has a chance of checking it out!

Now it’s all Tessa’s…


Nana and Hitomi


Nana calls Hitomi after a week of studying for an exam, but... (S K: Hitomi is hiding outside the window! LOL)

Balloons just fell from my ceiling celebrating the 60 billionth time I brought this up.  This is actually 4 1-shots, but they continue the relationship of Nana and Hitomi.  This is Morinaga Milk at her best.  Of course you’ll notice the girls look just like Mari and Akko…(S K: main characters in Girl Friends – another AMAZING manga). These come from LIlilicious and Lililicious is awesome!


S K: From Cherries for Your Lips - this scene got a gasp from me!


Cherries for Your Lips

Another Morinaga Milk story.  This one is about a girl who harbors secret feelings for her best friend (imagine that) and strictly follows a rule of only touching her 3 times a day, so the friend never realizes her feelings.  This one is really sad to me. 

Really though, just read anything by Morinaga Milk (except maybe Sweet Lips).

Chatting in our Pajamas

A short but sad oneshot of unrequited love.  This is another weakness of mine that only shows itself in oneshots.  Rejection is always better in oneshots.


From Your L I P S


Seems like love to me! (Oh and the Yumi and Sachiko similarities can't be my own imagination)


I found this one shot hysterical.  According to Yumi… er Mari, she and Sachiko… I mean Michika are in love with each other. Of course she has never actually spoken to her.  Mari’s friends are all worried she’s a stalker. 

Warning:  This isn’t hentai, but page 14 comes very close, so you might want to skip that page.


Btw, Tessa had made some recommendations on a few Hentai manga – if you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll email you the links. I had a look and they’re a bit hot for my BLOG!!