Again, any of my comments are marked S K. *SIGH* Thingle…

If you thought Sei was a BAD driver, Suguru is WORSE.

Wohohohoho! What did we get this week? It’s the Touko show! This week, we are shown how she systematically burns bridges and makes life hard for herself with her epic denial. She’s so good at lying to herself that her mask has gotten so thick, you need a Bunker Buster to crack it.

Good thing Suguru delivered just the right load to deliver the first wave of Bunker busting. Touko gets wet at high speeds, so even he’s gay as f**k, he still succeeded in getting her wet (S K: ??) enough to plead for him to stop (Bathroom? Bull****!). However, she’s got a lot of hang-ups to begin with. First is her delusions about people knowing she’s a bastardess and second, her mad, convulted and perverse desire for Yumi.

There is one simple rule I follow in dealing with other people, and it’s “be frank everytime.” The purpose is twofold. To avoid giving people false hope and to avoid inconvenience on my part. Touko does neither, as she goes from denial to denial until she breaks down.

As immature as Touko was, Yumi was the opposite. She handled the situation very dominantly. Making Touko count to one-hundred is a psychological power play, if you don’t know why, watch it again. I don’t know where and how she grew 10 years in 4 weeks, but heh, I think someone took offense when I typed the words “mental midget”, heck it might even be Yumi who read it (she’s getting revenge?).

Girl of the week? Noriko. For the 4th time in 11 weeks. Her character is a solid, stable rock devoid of the instability of the other girls.

Stay tuned.