A brief recap on the last two episodes:

Mr. Evil with 2 red eyes (can’t remember his name) was a spirit and had been preying on the weak encouraging them to act on their evil desires buried deep within. We discovered finally why he has been hovering around Yakumo all this time. He wanted Yakumo to share the hatred and despair he felt so that he could take control of his physical body and become reincarnated. Luckily, Yakumo was not drawn to the dark side and Mr Evil’s plan did not succeed.

The final episode of this anime ended on a satisfying note with most of our questions answered. There was sadness no doubt with the death of Isshin hanging over us but everyone else was able to move forward in their lives with greater strength than they had at the beginning of the story. I felt that this anime was well made and the emotional OST added the perfect touch. I was so emotionally drawn in the latter half that I went out to buy the OST. The music was amazing in expressing Yakumo’s pain and struggle and Isshin’s words of wisdom. Below are some of my favourite tracks. I would highly recommend this OST but having said that, the CD has a total of 41 tracks and I’ll probably only listen to at most 10.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this anime. Your thoughts? Also, does anyone know whether the manga is ongoing? Any chance of a season 2??

Calm Flower

Band of Fate

In Despair

Ending theme song ~ Missing you