Rin is sent to the True Cross Academy where by day, it appears to be some fancy school but it is also in the shadows where the teachings of being an exorcist is held. Rin though Yukio had no idea about their father’s role as an exorcist and how he is Satan’s son but it turns out the opposite. Rin had spiritually wounded Yukio as a kid and as a result, since the age of 7 he had known the truth. He became an official exorcist two years ago and is now Rin’s sensei!! Ha!

I am glad that the two reconcile in this episode. I try to be sympathetic towards Rin but his outbursts are getting on my nerves!! I wish someone would just tame him! I feel like I’m watching something along the lines of Harry Potter. hehehe You know? True Cross Academy is like Hogwarts??? HAHAHA!!