When I first watched the trailer I thought this was going to be pretty hard core and a tad too dark for me. It very much reminded me of Keanu Reeve’s Constantine which is one of my favourite movies!!! It’s definitely not for the feint hearted but it’s REALLy good!! It helps that I’m a die hard Keanu Reeves fan!! ^_^

Anyway back onto Ao no Exorcist, episode 1 is actually much more light hearted than how it is portrayed in the trailer. Rin is 15 yr old and his father is a priest (a pretty cool one). He doesn’t seem to have much luck in his studies or even at work which compares somewhat harshly to his twin brother who is like his complete opposite. One day he finds out that he is not human…I’m really liking this show! There are some “chibi” moments which brings out the light heartedness to balance out the story. The animation is top notch too!!! Definitely following this!!