The finale was finally released a good week ago. This is definitely no ordinary magical girls anime!! It is dark, kind of depressed and I find it at times devastating. Devastating in that once you accept to being a magical girl, the granting of the wish is like a curse in itself where there is no way out. Forever they fight and the moment they give up, they turn into a witch. The wish disguised as a curse is made apparent in the design of the witches. I remember vividly that with Sayaka’s wish was for that boy to be able to play his violin again and in her witch form, there were countless shadows of musicians/violinists playing. I felt that all the witches were all fearful and terrifying.

Onto the ending, I was at first very confused but I got a bit better understanding from reading Wiki!! haha Gotta love that online source!!! It’s not ideal but is probably the best it can be?? Do you reckon so too?

In any case, I have been amazed by the music here. I’m definitely buying the OST which is said to be out on 25 May. A few clips from Youtube that I think are worth checking out. Overall an interesting and rollercoaster ride of an anime but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite. It’s too dark but it is a quality anime no doubt.

Main theme

Sayaka’s Theme

Mami’s Theme