triangle-hirosueHiroyuki Sawano 澤野弘之 and Yuki Hayashi 林ゆうき are THE men whose composing the music in Triangle!  But from what I can find, it seems that Hiroyuki has a longer track record involved in drama and anime soundtracks. Yuki seemed to have started his career composing music for men’s rhythmic gymnastics (there are some links on his website and the music is D&MN good! I think this is the best one).

Anyway, other notable works by Hiroyuki are (biography):

When I saw ‘Taiyou no Uta’, my jaw dropped!! That is one of my FAVOURITE soundtracks! It’s actually quite strange…for this drama, I actually listened to the OST first, fell in love with it, THEN went to watch the drama! It’s THAT good! For soundtrack fans, particularly of the romantic kind with a soft spot for strings, a must listen!! I really need to keep an eye out for works from both these guys!

I’ve also fixed the glitches in my previous mp3 rip from the closing scene!! Enjoy!~

*whispering* Btw, Yuki is a guy right…? I’m so bad – I usually can’t tell from reading the names unless it’s something typical like Ryoko, Nanako etc.

Back to being serious, after rewatching bits and pieces of Triangle and getting over my initial infatuation with the music, I have the following questions in mind:

  • Why did Sachie attend the school reunion? Isn’t her identity bound to be exposed? It was a dramatic touch from the audience’s perspective, but does it make sense??
  • Is she the REAL Sachie? I noticed from the official website’s character map, the age of her character is only 30, whilst the rest of her classmates are 35…hmm…