Edit: I have added a music file ripped off from the closing scenes! Check it out! It’s overwhelming and powerful!

Before I start rambling, I must say that I am REALLY impressed by Rollins! Not only do the subs look great but they pumped out the hard subs about a week after the episode was broadcasted! That’s honestly as fast as any group can go! If you’re watching their works, please leave a word of thanks over at D-Addicts!

Anyway, back to Triangle…

My initial impression in the first 5 minutes: murder, tension, anticipation, a struggle with time, statute of limitations, 15 years later, 10 years later…”what the HECK is going to happen next?”…oh, France…(yay Hirosue!!)

The above was honestly my initial thoughts as I watched the first FIVE minutes. That’s a lot of stuff running through my head. The style was all somewhat time driven and the background music brought the tension up a notch or two higher. I’m thinking…this is looking promising…very promising…

*A few more minutes later*


triangle-ep1-aSeems like our Hirosue’s character, Sachi, has a quirky side to her! Definitely not a softie here! Yes! I like strong characters…well so far so good. Eguchi is pretty damn cool here. They look like a good pairing to me. Chemistry and all. I can see TENSION. Yep, she DEFINITELY has a thing for him! hohohohoho ^_____^

Now let’s be serious. The story starts off with the death of a little girl, Sachi Katsuragi. It’s unclear whether her death was intentional or by accident but we see a young boy run off to his older brother. Here we are told that he will have to wait for 15 years for the statute of limitations to expire. That is, once 15 years past after the time of the murder, it is too late even for the police to do anything. Well actually, it is explained later that the police can turn it into a civil case (rather than a criminal one) if they do catch the person 15 years later – I guess this means a lighter penalty? So there is still some risk.

15 years later, we see Eguchi quitting his job as a doctor. Another 10 years later, he is in France and has paid away the tour guide that was meant to take Hirosue around. The question is WHY did Eguchi go to meet Hirosue, who so happens to be called Sachi? Now THAT is the question.

Now moving on a few more months forward to Jan 09, Eguchi is now transferred to a Japanese police station. Prior to this he was training at Interpol. In this police station, there is another guy called Shun Kuroki whose father was in charge of Sachi Katsuragi’s case. He receives an anonymous call that THE case is yet to be resolved…

Ok – now I’m not going to spoil the show for you guys but at the end of it…I basically said “WHAT THE…@#^$&@?!”

Now I’m DYING to watch episode 2!!! EVERYONE, YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS ONE OUT!! 

Btw, I’m REALLY liking the music here – it’s dramatic and powerful! The music used at the end was great! I’m SO buying the OST!! Oh dear…!! haha Here’s the music used in the closing scene…I desperately need to check out what other works Hiroyuki Sawano 澤野弘之 has done before!!

P.s. Episode 1 raked in 14.7% viewership but this dropped to 11.1% in episode 2! What is wrong with the Japanese? This looks like a great series to me! I hope people will pour back in by episode 3!! Seriously go and check this out!!