ss-cuteI am writing about it! Yes! Oh dear…I am tainting my yuri blog! haha Well I figured it was worth writing based on ONE thing – well maybe two. =P I must admit that I found this shot quite amusing. It is one of the rare funny moments in the anime…then off they throw us back into ‘Shoujo Sect’ reality! Hahaha If you’ve watched the anime then you should know what comes next…the ‘evil twins’!

Nway, I’m not a fan of this anime and had been drawn in by the rave I read in forums – it was also my first hentai anime so throw in some curiosity! I even checked the manga out to compare it to the anime. Tossing between the two, I think the manga is better – I can deal with it more but the main reason is because I think the drawings near the end were quite breathtaking…something that the anime couldn’t deliver. Or maybe I was just expecting a trashy ending…so was pleasantly surprised.


The other reason worth writing about was the music! LOL Not the classic pieces heard in the background of the anime! That was weird!

When I looked it up, I couldn’t believe they released an OST! LOL Before seeing it, I was wondering what they could possibly put on it given the amount of music used in the anime. I don’t recall it being overly musical! haha Well luckily there’s only 4 tracks and only three is worth a listen. I’m referring to the opening and closing themes which were decent. Check them out! Enjoy!

Opening theme

Closing theme 

Closing theme ~ instrumental