Status: Still running

Genre: yuri, shoujo-ai, high school

Published:  2007 by Morinaga Milk

Impression so far: Nice art and character designs, very cute and a truckload of ‘blush’ moments – I like!! ^_^

Okazu’s words: “blushy-cheeked sweetness, service and Yuri”, “Mari who is quite gay. Akko *might* be, but Mari? Definitely.” (see review)

Where available: MakiMaki Scanlations


What a cute picture! ^_^ Btw, I picked this manga up cos someone mentioned it as a worthy check for yuri fans out there! Also, I recall that Tessa had highly recommended works of Milk Morinaga. Quiras also recommended another work of Milk Morinaga called Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo – which I will check out later!! Thanks guys!

I actually don’t usually read manga – the only one I’ve read from beginning to end is Shoujo Sect! *GASP* hahaha Yes I did read it after seeing the anime! *SECOND GASP* I’m not a big fan of reading manga as I seem to have some inability of comprehending which direction I read the squares and dialogue! LOL Yes – I’m pretty hopeless. BUT, after some training with Shoujo Sect and now Girl Friends – I’m better. You must be thinking – “About time! You probably should also get your head checked!!” hahaha

Sorry – now back to Girl Friends. This is a running yuri anime that centres on two girls (now that’s not very surprising) in a highschool setting (yes – they’ve used this formula a number of times…) Although the key themes are nothing new, I’m still more than happy to give it a go – anyone disagree? haha

So Mari-chan is a new student to the school – she has long dark hair and is the quiet type who likes to read and has good grades. On the otherhand, there’s Akko-chan who’s blonde, a bit ditzy and crazy and you guessed right! Academics? hahaha Let’s just say that she has other priorities in life – like eating at Mister Donut, shopping and taking sticker photos! LOL Anyway, they become good friends thanks to Akko-chan’s proactiveness and all is merry until suddenly Mari-chan seems to show signs of ‘yuri’. This was a surprise to me as I was expecting Akko-chan to make the first move. Well no complaints from me! LOL

Now let me grab your attention with a cheeky screen shot from one of the pages… =P


Now surely you’re gonna have to check this one out!! haha As long as you don’t object the idea about high school girls and you want to read some light yuri – then I don’t think you can go wrong with this one!! haha I hope it gets better…!!

I might post some of my favourite scenes so far in a separate post…=P