shoujo-sect-aSo I’ve heard many complaints about the inappropriateness of the music used in Shoujo Sect. At first I didn’t notice it but soon enough this thought came across:

“Why the heck are they playing classical music in the background?!”

It’s a bit weird to say the least!!! LOL

BUT, there was one track that caught my attention – even from 1st Period…it’s the ending theme song! It has quite a sweet uplifting and slightly romantic character to it. I particularly thought it was well suited when I heard it at the end of 3rd Period.  haha Who would have thought that I might like a background track from a yuri hentai anime!! HAHA

It’s currently on repeat on my ipod! Enjoy! You can also download it here.

p.s. Btw, who recognises where the above scene is from?! ^_^ It’s pretty obvious!

One final question, does anyone know of other anime/manga like Shoujo Sect? I’m generally not in hentai but I could handle this one! LOL *runs off and hides* hahaha