saki-mainBefore I start my rant, let me justify that my take on this anime is REASONABLY objective as I have not read the manga. However, I do note that I’m a big fan of Marimite which may sway my view slightly given the seiyuu involved.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, this anime was a VERY pleasant surprise!! Not only is it a little adrenalin rushing (when did mahjong become such an interesting ‘sport’???) but there seems to some sprinkling of yuri!!! AHAHA I was again trying to procrastinate from doing some real work when I casually remembered this new anime series. Why not…let me youtube…that’s where it all went downhill! haha I almost woke up late the next day!! hahaha

My first reaction 1 minute into the anime:

  • Art looked ok
  • Oooooh…!!! YURI!!! “What a beautiful girl…” (what a giveaway!?! It was like, “let’s at least lock in the yuri die hard fans”….YEP ME!!!! hahaha)
  • Ok, those ‘assets’ look a tad too much…(Tsk! So typical of the Japanese!?!) I honestly thought it was meant to be a joke and we’d find out that she’s just stuffed something up there!?! But I’m wrong! Clearly…
  • It’s YUMI in a new uniform!! hahaha I particularly picked up on this when Saki is caught looking at Nodoka and hides behind her book!! ^_^ Like Yumi x Sachiko!!! =) I like!!!! I don’t care whether it’s just admiration (or maybe a little bit more??? *hopeful*) but I’m definitely watching this with yuri goggles on!! ^_____^


Well that’s quite a lot to think about in just ONE minute! Needless to say, I was grinning by the end of it! The background music used was also quite pleasant – nothing spectacular – but then they really beef up the excitement when it comes to the games!?! hahaa Oh and my next soft spot after yuri?!?! BLUSHES!!!!! ^_________________^ So KAWAIII!!!!! We need more of these moments!!


saki-ep1dCharacter wise, I think Shizuka Ito was a PERFECT choice as the Mahjong Club’s president ~ kind of cool and a bit mischievous!!! Kind of like the real deal but we all know that she’s MORE than just mischievous! Getting up to naughty acts is probably a better characterisation!! haha Pity there isn’t more of her. I wonder whether Miss President is like a SUPER mahjong player!??! I can only wait and see… =(

The anime then kind of lost me with the scoring and rules of mahjong. But I didn’t think it was too bad. I still thoroughly enjoyed the mahjong segments!!! “Will Saki be able to breakeven again!??!” hahahahaha The Japanese also heightened the whole excitement of the game too. hehe For a second I thought they were playing like a super warped martial arts version of mahjong!?! Lightning and all!?! AHAHAHA

Show me your power…

I BURSTED out laughing when I saw the last few minutes and the moment when Saki picked the last mahjong tile!!! I have to bow to the unbelievable exaggeration of the Japanese!! HAHAHAHA Loved this show! I quite liked the opening and ending theme songs too!!! For some strange reason, the opening theme, Glossy:MMM is available for download at Nico. High quality too!!! *thumbs up* 

Is there anything I don’t like?!?! I’m DEFINITELY following this anime this season!! Who’s joining me???