This anime briefly reminds me of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin…it’s the monster/scary/occult type scene, the mysteries and the idea of urban legends. The start of this episode scared the crap out of me too! I didn’t expect blood in the first few seconds! I mean, the trailer certainly didn’t suggest it!

I say it was all a pleasant surprise as the trailer really was not a true reflection of the anime. First of all, I thought Victorique was meant to be a prim and proper lady but she SO isn’t!! She’s a bit of a princess and child-like at times but is easily bored and when she is she likes to…ROLL!!! hahaha The first time I saw it happen, I had to take a double take!! I was like –> O_O

The character designs are quite nicely drawn and they’re complimented by even prettier backdrops. Looks pretty interesting so far!!