Yes…I have been quite lazy with my posts as of late. Sorry guys. Been busy at work and in private but will still try to push out some updates! Haven’t written about GOSICK in a while. In the last three or so episodes there has been a nice change. Rather than working through another mystery that so happened to occur in the vicinity, we get a glimpse of Victorique’s past and the story behind her mother. I thought the backdrop was quite pretty and creative when they stepped into the little town of…damn I forgot the name! -_-” Anyway, the chemistry between Kujou and Victorique has also cranked up a bit. If only the mysteries were more elaborate and compelling – then that would be perfect. How are all the other animes in this season going? What’s your favourite so far? I’m behind in all the other ones. I might do some catching up on Infinite Stratos and Hourou Musuko this weekend. I’m kind of keen to find out what awaits in the next season. hahaha