Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

The beginning, with the narrator introducing Ame no Kisaki Academy, is very much like Marimite – though we all know that they’re just trying to fool us! The reality is that this will be one strange story!!

mh-ep1dNow this is my first impression based off episode 1 and 4 chapters of the manga (episode 1 basically ends at chapter 1). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect given the weird twist about a cross-dressing guy. 

To start with, I found it annoying how Kanako is SOOOO not subtle with her affection for other girls! For example, the numerous nosebleeds! I think she will turn anaemic very soon at the rate she’s going!! Plus she also seems to like every girl she meets. Ugh…it’s not very flattering for the character particularly when we’re only into episode 1. I’m afraid Kanako is not really to my liking.

mh-ep1cOn the otherhand Maria (though I know she’s really a ‘he’) is relatively more attractive. It might be because she resembles Erika from School Rumble who was one of my favourite characters. I also like Maria’s voice – it has a nasally touch – reminds me of Kaori Shimizu who voiced Noriko in Maria-sama. The seiyuu is Yū Kobayashi. I’m not familiar with her works except for her Shi-chan character in Candy Boy (*thumbs up*).

Anyway, back to Maria, so far, we only get a brief glimpse of his/her real side so can’t really pass judgment but there seems to be a reason behind his cross-dressing. I wonder what it is…hmm…

mh-ep1eThere was one moment that was damn funny! It’s when Kanako confronts Maria that she is in fact a guy. In retaliation, Maria says Kanako only came to this school to look for her fated one and that she went all ‘ga ga’ because of her beauty. “You are a lesbian!” Kanako’s reponse is (see 3rd screenshot)…HAHAHAHA THAT got me smiling!!

The music used is also interesting. The point at which Maria kisses Kanako (for no reason really), this opera-ish/classical music entered the scene. It seems that they will be paying a bit more attention to the music – but I’m just guessing! It all felt a bit more ‘grander’ than the usual music you tend to hear in the average anime. It will be interesting to see whether the music will change the mood of the anime.

So all in all, reasons for watching it: decent art, character wise I’m liking Maria (and the voice) and curiosity with how the story will turn out!!