I got to the end! It’s been a while since I watched a 26 episode anime! As I mentioned before, School Rumble starts off quite slowly so the fun doesn’t really kick in until halfway!

Story 6

Honestly, there’s nothing new here but that’s ok cos we know that to begin with. School Rumble is another anime where it’s a recycle of old ideas – high school setting, X love Y but cannot confess their feelings, Z loves X but also has the same problem, a bunch of interesting characters, humour, some silliness – you get the idea! hahaha But don’t get me wrong! Though 6 does not sound like a great score, this anime will get you laughing (well at least in the 2nd half)! If you’re looking for silly humour about high school students, then this is another one to watch! Honestly, how can anyone take Tenma seriously?!! HAHAHAHAHA

Oooh!! Almost forgot to mention but I think one of the key highlights to the anime was the sports carnival in episodes 22 and 23! Miko-chin and Ichijo-san was SOOOOOOOOO cool! Plus there was quite a bit of screen time on Eri x Harima!!! =P HAHAHAHAHA


Characters 8

What really got me watching in the 2nd half are the characters aside from Tenma. There are other characters that get to have their share of the screen time – the ones most interesting to watch must be Mikoto, Eri and Yakumo. 

Initially, I was more into Mikoto and Yakumo as the focus was on them first but soon I became an Eri fan!! haha Her character is initially cold and seems hard to get along (her remarks can sometimes be a bit ‘sharp’) but soon we see the softer side of her!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Also, things REALLY start getting interesting with the Eri x Harima combo! HAHAHA I like Eri – there’s a term for characters like her. Typically they don’t stand out to start with or you even hate them cos they’re spiteful etc but then you gradually fall in love with those characters. Other characters I can think of that falls into this category is Natsuki from Mai-Hime and Touko from Marimite! I honestly HATED Touko when she first appeared but I seriously grew to start liking her in the OVAs…now what the HECK am I doing?!! I’m getting off track!?! Aaaah! Back to Eri – anyway, I wish Harima would start liking her!! The other thing I like about Eri is she’s smart and picks things up VERY quickly. Unlike Miko-chin and Yakumo, I particularly like the bluntness of her character and the hidden softer side. I’m keen to start on season 2 cos I heard there’s more of Eri x Harima! YAY!

Below is one of my FAVOURITE scenes from the sports carnival in episode 22!! HAHAHAHA It’s the first time that Eri and Harima were co-operating!

eri-harima1eri-harima2eri-harima3eri-harima4Music 2

Almost non-applicable really!? There’s not much really aside from a reasonably catchy opening song. Well that’s ok – it’s just a slice of life high school anime! What did you expect?! LOL

Overall 7

All up this is good fun anime. Scoring definitely went up a little near the end. Plus, how can you go wrong when you’ve got a good number of the Marimite gang!! There’s Hitomi (Eriko in Marimite), Mamiko (Shimako) and Kaori (Noriko – though the character here is a bit boring)! I also quite liked Eri’s voice – played by Yui Horie. I haven’t seen many of her works but will definitely start soon!! hahaha

Ok, I’m off to season 2!! 

P.S. I will also be starting Innocent Love this week…thanks to Querbeet, we’ve got English subs!! ^_^