Seriously Sumi!! You have NO SELF CONTROL!!! Even Ushio says you sound like a pervy old man!!! hahahahahahaha At first I thought this was just a silly hilarious episode filled with Sumi’s dirty thoughts!! hhahahaha But LUCKILY, they managed to slip in something SWEET at the end!!!

A pretty, calming and has this warm fuzzy feeling in you….Sumi’s “nandemonai…” is soothing and melodic to the ears! Finished off with a romantic sunset shot of the two falling asleep onto each other… *BEAM*

Oh and was I the only person who thought the angle up from Sumi to Ushio was a bit OTT!?! hahaha it’s like “OK!!! I GET THE IDEA!!! She’s at least a C!!!” HAHAAHAHAHA :P