In episode 4, when Kanon first works at the restaurant, Kitagawa is playing a really sweet piece on the piano! It’s at the 7:40 minute mark. Thanks to kuroi_katzchen, the mystery behind the piece has been resolved! It is the piece, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’!! I have searched high and low (ok so it wasn’t that hard…=P) and I have found two versions – the first resembles the arrangement one in the drama more but the 2nd one is not a bad alternative either. Enjoy!~

It’s also worth noting that the viewership ratings have rebound slightly with episode 7 scoring a 13.4% from a low of 11.7%. Let’s hope that this continues to rise!!

Btw, for the Marimite fans out there, just to give you an update on my progress in translating that chapter of Sei and Yumi in the classroom – I’m ALMOST there! It should be out by tomorrow!! Look out for it! =)