On the 3rd December i.e. the day that the OST was out, I was D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E to get my hands onto the piano version of Eternally! It turns out that it was available on the Japanese version of iTunes but I have NO FREAKIN Japanese iTunes account!!! Argh! What do I do? Of course I don’t give up so easily! I went online to Ebay and bought a 1,500 yen iTunes card!! LOL The seller sent me the code a few hours later! VOILA! 

Here is the piano version! I LOOOOVE IT! For those who like it, please be supportive and buy the track! But, as I mentioned before – there is another instrumental version of Eternally in the drama – it has strings and the xylophone (I think). Anyone know where that version is available? It doesn’t seem to be on the OST… =(

Btw, I’m now REALLY tempted to buy the OST! Grrr…..now why did I waste money buying the iTunes card?!?! Aaaaah!!







*sigh* It’s such a pretty opening!!