Note: The author of this post is Sapphire Onee-chan from Asutoraea no Oka but it had to be put under my name in order for it to appear in Yasashii sekai…’s Twitter feed!!!

*Let’s out a wave of excitement*~~~~~ Season 1 of Strike Witches was nothing spectacular but there are several things going for this anime that make it worth watching that yuri-fans and others crave:

  • YURI! – What helps to make the yuri stand out in this show is the pairings are pretty much set!
  • Moe – Despite how loli these characters appear, they are quite kawaii like K-ON! I put off watching this show for some time because I’m not of fan of loli characters. However, the adult-like war roles they play cloaks this for me.
  • Fanservice – Panty shots galore! (again not a fan but this tickles the fancy of many). Ecchi fans welcome.
  • Cheerful Episodes – We are told by the staff that there will more cheerful episodes to come. I’m expecting something similar to Sora no Woto.
  • Neko fans – These ladies morph into your cute furry feline friend when they’re in kick-ass mode. (Note: Not all of them morph into cats. At least one of them has dog ears)
  • Action – These magical moe anthropomorphic yuri ladies take on ginormous mecha enemies in decent battle scenes enough to not make you want to die of boredom.

AWWWW! I can feel the love already from this image above! ^_^

I’m pretty hyped to watch all the yuri-goodness this show has to offer! Hopefully it’s not too much of my yuri-ful thinking at work. This one should be interesting! Give Season 1 a shot if you haven’t already!

What do you think? Will this Season bomb or be just as good if not better than Season 1?

Strike Witches Season 2 Opening:

Strike Witches Season 2 Ending: