So after all the hype and badgering from fellow readers, I rushed off to watch the first episode of Usagi Drop. I didn’t really have expectations. I heard it was good and heartwarming – that was about it. I vaguely recall there was a little girl involved.

Anyway. the moment it started, it reminded me of Aoi Hana (Sapphire agrees) due to the use of water colours style animation. It kind of gave us this raw (as in unfinished) touch. I’m know sure whether it was just me, but it’s like the animation became clearer and more defined as we progressed. At least that’s how I felt. Overall the mood of the anime was quite sad but it had sprinkles of laughter to lighten the mood. It’s not every day anime where you see the first episode on a funeral and an abandoned child.

The anime seems touching and I’m looking forward to the coming episodes. It does feel a touch too sad though for me. The music used reminds me of this Jdrama that I watched years ago. A complete tear jerker…

Here’s a song from the Japanese drama…enjoy.