This was for sure an Azunyan dedicated episode!!! hahaha She is TOO cute!!! It’s the summer holidays and she dearly misses her Light K-ON sempai!!! She has whacky dreams of all of them! hahaha My favourite must have been Ritsu’s one at the pool! hahaha Seeing Mugi-chan trying to catch the yakisoba with her mouth was pretty funny!! Yui and Mio too!

We need not worry. Little Azunyan does eventually get to spend some quality time with her favourite sempais at the summer festival. The interaction between Yui and Azunyan is so CUTE!!! I cracked up when I saw Yui say “and this is how you eat the corn…”and Ritsu’s like “are you a hamster!?!” hahahahaa

Btw, K-ON!! is confirmed to go ahead with 26 episodes!!! Thanks for Katherine in letting us know!!! Can’t wait for another THIRTEEN episodes of K-ON!! FUN!!!!! ^_^