Sasameki KotoAOh aren’t the new characters cute!!!? Picture to the left is taken from the official website. Strangely enough, I actually don’t know who those two characters are…guess I focus on Sumi x Ushio too much when I read the manga! :p

So here are the seiyuu:

(a) Sumi to be voiced by Ayahi TAKAGAKI ~ I’m not familiar with her but can see that she seems to have played significant roles in Venus Versus Virus, S.A. and True Tears. More details are available here.

(b) Ushio to be voiced by Megumi TAKAMOTO ~ again, another young-ish seiyuu with few notable roles – Fullmetal Alchemist, Negima and White Album. More info here.

To me, the casting is a bit disappointing as we don’t see our usual gang of “yuri seiyuu” but then who knows what chemistry these guys may bring to the screen!?! Maybe they will be the next Hitomi! Or Mamiko!?! hahaha