I think this will probably be my last post of anything in relation to Last Friends…. =( So sad! Hopefully we’ll see another one that will create as much angst and excitement amongst the audience though I must say that’s a high bar to reach!! haha

Today Erica from Okazu announced that she will be reviewing the manga of Last Friends that has been released monthly!! Not sure when but she said “shortly”! It will be interesting to get her view. I must say, I was planning to go and buy this month’s Malika but I was late and the usual two copies that they order in were sold already! It will be a whole month if I was to order in so I gave up! Sorry guys. I will try again for next month. Though I must say, it’s not very exciting – it seems to be EXACTLY how the drama went so I’m kind of losing interest.

Anyway, will let you know when Okazu’s review is up!!

Edit: Also, all thanks to Vicky who designed the wonderful pic above!