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Can you see my new banner?! It’s a SUPER cute gift from peach!!!! One of my loyal friendly readers!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! ^________________^ Btw, I can tell you’ve been with this blog for a LONG time and all the way from the beginning cos you put down “escape from reality”!!! That was like one of my earliest lines!!!! *WINK*


For others who would like to donate pretty banners, I’ll gladly accept them!! BUT, note that the standards here are quite high!! So if it’s not nicer than this one, I’m not going to take it down!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Btw, Thingle!! Don’t worry! I’ve got the Marimite one safely stored away! I will be sure to let it appear again in the future!!! ^_^

I’ve changed my nickname! I’m no longer Sleepy but is now Nakayo!! hahaha Sorry for any confusion caused!!!


CDJapan is offering a free 500 yen discount!! It’s their Summer Coupon Offer!! Ok, so it’s not THAT much, but hey it’s not bad! I mean, I’m definitely eyeing on some singles and OSTs after getting glimpses of this season’s anime! It’s easy to get. Just go to CDJapan and enter in your email address to get the discount!! Happy shopping! Don’t go TOO crazy!!! haha

Randomly found this one today!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY and CUTE!!!! LOVE IT!!! haha  Just for a laugh…!! haha OH and it looks like the screen capture is from K-ON??? Someone pls confirm if you know!! Btw, I’ve got mine permanently on!! HEHEHE!!

I found it on Photobucket – pls leave a message if you have an account there – I don’t so couldn’t. To hinokakera, if you don’t want the picture posted here, just let me know.

Invisible yuri goggles

Hey guys!! Thanks to all those that left me messages on Meebo (I could only recognise Alucard)! I’ve been away for a few days so did not have full access to the internet!! But I did think of you guys while I was away! Well at least about Girl Friends!! hehehe

Here’s the proof…hahaha (^_^)V


This is quite an amazing day!!! Really! I mean, yes, we managed to hunt down the raws of Ch 20 Girl Friends, but to me today is special because Yasashii sekai… just turned ONE!! It’s been exactly one year since I first stumbled on the idea of starting a blog. Ask me that 2 yrs ago, I would have said “But I can’t write!!” or “I’m SO not that type of person!” haha Now look what we have here??!

From being a random place for me to tell the world how I’m crazy about the J-drama Proposal Daisakusen to Last Friends then finally to the world of yuri! Now did things go exponential from that point on!!! LOL

I’ve said this many times but at the end of the day it really comes down to peoples’ visits and comments that keeps this blog going! In the last year I think we’ve had a few highlights:

  • On the anime front, there was MARIMITE, of course!! haha But we cannot forget about Ichigo Mashimaro (Miu-chan & co), Mai-Otome (ShizNat!!), Blue Drop and Sola! For Season 4 of Marimite we also managed to squeeze in a bit of his versus her view!! Thanks Thingle!! That was something fresh!!
  • Now to seiyuu…surely Shizuka Ito would top that list!! haha Oh and Hitomi and her mistresses! Err…which would be Shizuka again!?! LOL
  • Manga wise, Tessa did a wonderful 4-part recommendation on yuri anime!! Thanks to her I tumbled straight into the world of Aoi Hana, Strawberry Shake Sweet, Nana and Hitomi and…hmm…let’s say other ‘interesting’ (aka. ecchi) works. hahaha
  • Finally, the winner in the drama category must have been LAST FRIENDS!! Despite the angst, it was daring, fresh and we got to see Juri’s amazing performance. For all yuri fans out there, you should definitely check this out!! I doubt it’ll work to your ideal but for Juri, a MUST SEE!!


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*SIGH* Usually I can very easily write a post…ideas often tap me on the shoulder before I know it.

It’s a habit of mine. I write all the time – like gradually building up my inventory of ‘backup posts’. If there’s no ‘live’ materials to gush over, I will happily publish one in my inventory. BUT…I’m stuck! I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop for the last few hours and have come up with NOTHING!

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Hello! Now let's cut to the chase! If you're here to squeal about yuri or update yourself on some Japanese dramas/movies and gossip - then this is the place to be!!! I personally prefer the squealing over yuri amongst other things!! HEHEHE (^_^)V

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