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I’ve been meaning to summarise what is catching my eye in the coming season but spare time has been hard to find lately!! Luckily both Yuri no Boke and hashihime has both summarised what’s coming this season. I’ll simply highlight those that I will be checking out. I might not be entirely accurate on the plot summaries…just a warning…The following is broadly in the order of the most appealing first…

Hourou Musuko

Episode 1 on 13 January

Story: Shuicihi Nitori appears to be a shy and quiet preteen boy, when he transfers to a new school he quickly makes friends with the tomboyish Yoshino Takatsuki who sits next to him. It soon becomes apparent that both Shucihi and Yoshino are more than simply a sensitive boy and masculine girl, they both are transgendered. Together they decide to take the first steps toward becoming the people they want to be (taken from ANN).

Reasons for watching: There are a number of reasons to watch this one!! Firstly, the mangaka is the one from Aoi Hana, Takako Shimura!! There’s no yuri but the anime focuses on some transgender issues!? Sounds interesting!! Plus if you go to the website and check out their trailer, the art is soft and endearing with a very classical music OST. I love the use of strings!!  How can you NOT watch it!?!? Seiyuu wise, it’s also quite attractive with Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!), Nana Mizuki (Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical), Saeko Chiba (Natsuki from Mai-Hime), Yoshino Nanjou (Maria from Canaan), Yui Horie (need I say more!?) but they seem to all just play supportive roles. The main two characters are played by new voice actors, I think?

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My first impression… W E I R D ! !

First of all the opening had the characters reenacting famous scenes from movies and characters like Star Wars and James Bond! But you need to remember that these characters are all a bit odd too! Tsukimi is the protagonist (top left hand corner) and is a 18 yr old illustrator. Mamiko is the one in the bottom left hand corner!!!

The first episode introduces us briefly to a bunch of females staying together under some shared complex and it’s women only permitted! These people appear to be unable to gel with society exhibiting a fear of “chic people” and are basically all nerds/otakus to some degree or another. They call themselves “nuns” as they’re all single.

They have one other housemate that has caught my interest. She’s the one that does not show her face and apparently she’a some famous yuri/josei mangaka. At the end if the day there’s meant to be a josei couple that will live in this apartment. That’s nowhere to be in sight but I’ll keep looking. At this stage all we have is a supposedly attractive girl who helps Tsukimi out and ends up crashing at her place overnight and guess what?! She turns out to be a H-E!!

I’ll keep watching…a bit of an oddball but might turn out quite amusing…*fingers crossed*

Just a quick reminder before I dive into this post, the key reason why I’m watching this anime is because it has some of my favourite seiyuu!!

  • Mai Nakahara ~ she played Nagisa in Strawberry Panic!! She plays Zakuro here – the main character (long hair with bows)
  • Aki Toyosaki ~ it’s Yui from K-ON! and here she is Bonbori
  • Yui Horie only has a small role here as Hozuki. Yui and Aki actually play the blonde twins so they’re easy to spot. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t get bigger parts :(

The beginning of the anime had this eerie feel to it which I guess is perfect for a story around youkai but it made me feel a bit hesitant. Yes…I’m a bit of a pansy. -_-” The chanting voices in the background also added an overlay of mythical vibe.

The anime is a story set in a time where you have humans living in a world where spirits exist. Half spirits, such as the girls in question here, look like your average girls but they have cat-like ears on their heads and they possess powers that can kill spirits that have gone astray. Together with three selected from the military, they pair up to take on the challenge of maintaining peace in the community.

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Every few months I am impressed by hashihime’s summary of the upcoming animes for the season!! Thank you hashihime!! You save us all so much time! Really appreciate it!!

Below are what I will be trying to watch in order of my interest!!

(a) Kuragehime

Start date: 14 October

A josei comedy!! FINALLY!! I have been in a yuri anime drought for FAR TOO LONG!!! Can’t wait to watch this! It’s about a couple that stays in an apartment full of fujoshi!! Female otakus!! haha Remember Yasuko in Aoi Hana? One of her sisters were a fujoshi!! ^_^ Oh and one BIG bonus to throw in!! Guess who’s a seiyuu here!?! MAMIKO NOTO!!! She’s not the main voice but I don’t care!! I haven’t heard her voice in ages!! Btw, her character’s name is “Jiji-sama”! hehehehehe

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LOL Check this OUT!!!! Luckily we have seiyuu like Shizuka around!!! hahahaah She’s kinda crazy!!!!

Is it NABA-CHAN!?!?! O_O

Oh and the heading of the post is “Ko-ma-n-do?” HEHEHEHEHE

This is basically the typical horror zombie movie (I mean, anime) that is set at the highschool. Well it’s actually better than how that sums up..Surprisingly! I didn’t have much expectations on this which explains why I didn’t even mention watching it beforehand but so far I’m impressed! It’s scary (the gore and suspense of the zombies attacking) and for some reason I feel that the characters’ expression of fear is expressed quite vividly. When I was watching it, I found myself a little scared and could just imagine that I’d be pissing in my pants!!! hahhaha Oops! A bit crude! :P

Two episodes in, there are a handful of survivors in the high school:

  • Takashi – he’s in the middle picture behind the girl, Rei. He’s in love with Rei but as her boyfriend was bitten by a zombie, he had to kill him. After reconciling with Rei they both stick together to fight their way out of this mess. His weapon is a baseball bat.
  • Rei – part of the martial arts spear club, this girl can fight! She’s known Takashi as a kid. She’s voiced by Marina Inoue who was Natsuru in Kampfer!
  • Saeko – I call her the kick ass version of Sachiko!! hahahaha Don’t you reckon? She’s really strong at kendo so can definitely keep those bloody zombies at bay. She’s voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro who was Canaan!!! OMG! I only just realised!!!
  • Saya – not that likeable, she claims to be a genius – she’s quite smart but modesty, girl!!

There’s two more…but they’re not that important and I’m getting tired!! One is Kohta who is a chubby guy who is a bit pansy but turns out to be good with guns! He provides the much needed comic relief in this anime – which explains why I’ve screenshot him so many times!!! haha Last of all is Shizuka – the blonde school doctor who so happens to have very well endowed…assets…I guess she provides comic relief too but kind of annoying!!!

This one is worth watching!!

Interesting…it’s the first time I’ve watched an anime of this genre…what kind of genre? Horror…supernatural and it looks like there is some whacky comedy thrown in for good measure. I didn’t expect the comedy aspect but in episode 1 you get to see the lead character, Maya, making a few silly faces. She looks pretty cool and can definitely kick some arse!! Hahaha Best of all, she’s voiced by Youko Hikasa , Mio from K-ON!! *BEAM* Oh and the art was quite impressive. Nice!

So in episode one the first thing we see is a time travelling agent that is killed by some humongous bat looking monster and doesn’t make it back to “base” – well except for his hand…hahaha apparently he’s the 5th one and they only have one left – guess that must be our lucky male lead. ^_^

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