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Hey guys! Nakayo’s little assistant here! Thanks to everyone who sent Nakayo heaps of messages about GF Chapter 34 being released! She will promptly read it tonight! I’m sure she’ll need more than just an ice cold shower after she reads this one! :P Don’t we all?! I mean just look at the steamy Cover Shot!!!

Also thank you k1y0 for letting us all know that Maki Maki scanlations can now be found at here! You can download the chapter there or read it online at MangaFox. Enjoy!!!


OMG!!! So I’ve been busy and only got to read this last night. I knew it was going to be one STEAMY chapter thanks to karkar’s spoiler pic (2nd last page untranslated) that she sent thru a few nights ago but it’s more than just STEAMY!!!

SOMEONE!!! GET ME A FAN!!! Actually that won’t do!! I need a cold ice shower!!!

Go read it now if u haven’t already!!!!! Thanks Maki Maki!!

We have only 2 chapters to go…

Chapter 32 English scanlated version is out!!! Thank you MakiMaki!! Don’t know how you manage to pump them out at such speed!!! This one is tad…sad…

Lililicious have been on a roll in the last week with endless releases of yuri manga goodiness!!! I’ve managed to catchup on a few and I found a few that’s worth checking out!!!! ^_^ They’re broadly in the order of my preference…

Pure Water Adolescence

This is series of one shots about a student that falls in love with the school nurse. At first I wasn’t a fan of this story – probably because of the art – it’s a bit sketchy with sharp lines. I prefer characters that are softer to look at. I recall being a bit lost in the earlier stories too. In any case, over the course of the numerous short stories, I’ve grown to like it. Their relationship has changed…you get to see how they met to admitting their feelings for each other and finally…the teacher wanting Nanao to quickly grow up!!! HAHAHAHA

“I’ve hit my limit!! Please grow up quick, Nanao!!”

This quote is taken from the story ‘Bursting with Impatience’. I think this is my favourite chapter so far! It’s so cute!!.

Marimite Complex (doujin)

I haven’t seen a Marimite doujin in a good while!! This one is not bad!! I think I’m particularly liking it just simply because I have not watched or thought about Marimite in a long while!!

I feel like taking out my light novels again!!! And I SHOULD!!! The art is pretty good here!!!

I particularly liked the Behind Closed Doors story on p26. :P

Secret Recipe Chapter 4

A short story by Milk Morinaga, Wakatsuki Chihiro finally gets to be alone with her President…Oh my…hahaha kidding!! This is just a short funny ongoing story!!! It doesn’t get toooooo heated. :P

Princess of the Stars by Akiko Morishima

This one shot is nothing all too new but you have the cute art typical of Akiko and it’s just about two girls making up after a little jealousy…

There’s still a lot more for me to read!! More to come!!! Enjoy for the timebeing!!

MakiMaki has released chapter 30!! There seems to be something wrong with the direct download. Here’s a mediafire link.

YAY!! Chapter 3 is out!!! Thanks Lililicious!! Thinks take an interesting turn in this chapter!! We get to see the crazy first year’s side of the story… CUTE!! I can’t believe we need to wait every 3 months for a measly chapter though… *CRIES*

MAKIMAKI are AMAZING!!!! Remember to say thank you!!They have already scanlated chapter 27 in simple plain wonderful ENGLISH!!! No offence to any other languages of course but OMG, I REALLY need to READ this chapter!! I saw the raws and there’s WAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much TEXT!!!! hahahaha

I thought this page was SUPER kawaii!!! hahahahaha I couldn’t help but laugh!!! LOL

BUT OMG, this next bit, almost made me SCREAM!!!! hahahahahaha GOOOOOOO AKKO!!!!!! ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!! Hahahaha OK I won’t spoil it for you anymore!! GO READ IT!!!!!! YOU MUST!!!

Aaaaah! I just read another two pages and I’m like >_< x 999999999999!!! OMG!!!!! I think I’m going to be OMG-ing all the way in this chapter!!! HAHAHAHAHA I’ll knock you on the head if you don’t read this RIGHT THIS MOMENT!!!


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