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ANOTHER squeal-fest episode!! A-chan is also super cute here!

After Sugimoto’s “In my current state, I can’t be your girl friend” bombshell, Fumi is obviously upset and hurt but she seeks comfort in A-chan. Because of A-chan’s support, she can move on.

Aoi Hana Ep8a

On the otherhand, A-chan is ready to take down Sugimoto!!! LOL She is ANGRY and confronts senpai. She cannot forgive her for being so cruel to Fumi. It is also super cute when she complains to Fumi why she has to be such a busy body when it’s not even her problem. The answer is simple, “You’re a very kind person, A-chan”. Where’s my A-chan?? haha

Aoi Hana Ep8b

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My favourite part in this episode must be the short conversation that Fumi shares with Ah-chan while waiting for the gate to raise at the railway. Fumi is a bit hesitant but she says she wants to stay at Ah-chan’s place for the night. Ah-chan WITHOUT hesitation simply says “sure”. *BEAM* “And how about borrowing my PJs? Oh…They might not fit…” hahaha Gotta love how cute and innocent Ah-chan is!! haha The lit up look on Fumi’s face was just sweet!!

But Ah-chan is not all thick either. She’s sensitive and can tell that something must be wrong between Fumi and Sugimoto. “I hate girls that cry!” hahaha I like Ah-chan!!

Aoi Hana Ep7a

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This episode was a perfect mix of lighthearted laughs and touching moments. I REALLY enjoyed it. *BEAM* hahahaha

First up there was Akira’s innocently sweet but hilarious moments! From trying to hide from her family to helping Sugimoto style her hair. hehehehehe SOOOOOO funny!! “Trust me, it’s already very messy.” LOL It was also quite cute when Sugimoto went to comfort the little girl that was playing the ‘little prince’. “Is she trying make her own fan club in elementary school now?” hahaha

Aoi Hana Ep6a

Before the performance of Wuthering Heights, Fumi and Sugimoto senpai cross paths under a romantic backdrop of blue flowers. There is a heavy use of water colours style art, which might have been slightly overdone but nevertheless I loved the heavy focus to the “blue flowers” theme. I felt that it really brought the audience to the heart of the anime. Plus, how could I not like Sugimoto’s romantic words?!

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In episode 5, Fumi is beginning to feel uncertain about Sugimoto senpai. It might be the reference to the “Mistress of the Library” hinting a past love or the general truck load of fan girls that are squealing over Sugimoto. She tells Ah-chan who tries to comfort her and tells her to rein her in!! hehehe Ah-chan is SOOOOO cute here!!

Aoi Hana Ep5a

Though Ah-chan appears innocent, even she has learnt something from this experience…

Aoi Hana Ep5e

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Our wish was granted!! They gave us the KISS scene!! hahaha You have to admit that this senpai is very likeable!!! The bit where Sugimoto gets nervous too after the kiss was quite cute!! hehe But not to worry. She very quickly regained her gakkoi composure and said…

Aoi Hana Ep4a

AAAAAAAWW!!! Come on! Why didn’t a girl ever say that to me when I was in highschool!?! ahahahaha Hmm…maybe someone did but not with the romantic overlay! hahaha Don’t worry! I’m Ah-chan x Fumi all the way but in the meantime I’ll just go a little ga ga over Sugimoto…. :P

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Ok – I went a bit overboard with the pictures but I thought it was so hard to choose which to exclude! haha In the end I kept most of them and I’ve added a touch of extra ROMANCE given we are seeing our FIRST date between Fumi and senpai! *BEAM*  I was grinning as I was making them. LOL

My my…is that Sugimoto senpai a sweet talker or WHAT?!? Where’s MY Sugimoto senpai!?!? :(

Aoi Hana Ep3a

I actually particularly liked the added touch of Ah-chan’s reaction to seeing Sugimoto for the first time. It’s almost like it sparked something deep within her…something she never realised she had…and has yet to even realise it’s been sparked…

Aoi Hana Ep3b

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Aoi Hana Ch26

I won’t say ANYTHING! Just go READ IT at Lililicious!!


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