I wasn’t sure what to expect with this anime but generally josei animes are worth checking out and I’m glad I gave this one a go. The art was very delicate and elegant. In some scenes it really reminded me of the movie animation works like ‘5cm per second‘. Obviously it’s not quite there in terms of quality but it’s pretty good for a regular animation.

The protagonist in the story is Chihaya who is in high school and seems to be desperate at starting her own karuta club. Chihaya is actually very attractive with a sweet personality but she seems oblivious to her own beauty which kind of makes her even more attractive. She’s slightly tom boyish and says what’s on her mind. Basically, although she’s pretty, she doesn’t have the girliness that the guys at school go crazy about. Anyway, back to karuta – it’s a card game based on a 100 poems. As someone reads out the poetry, you need to be the quickest at finding the card with the next verse. The anime flashes back to a younger her where a classmate of hers, Ayata, introduced her to this game. Since then she seems to have a passion for it.

I have no idea where the story will lead to but I find it very pleasant to watch. I really miss watching such quality shows. Definitely watching this!!!