To be clear, I have not watched any episode from existing seasons so I’m running into Fate/Zero as blind as a bat!!! The fact that it jumps three time periods in the first 8 minutes does not help!!! X_X

The only thing I got out of episode 1 was that Kirei is sent to Japan to learn magic so that in 3 years time, he will be powerful enough to command a servant for the Holy Grail War. It doesn’t seem to be his personal wish but is willing to follow orders.

Next we see Kariya’s outrage when he finds out that Sakura, a young girl from the Tosaka family, is adopted by his father with the intention that she produces a powerful child with magical powers. Tosaka is a family of magi blood. As she only has one year till the war, the short cut to getting her trained is to have her immersed in these awful bugs. That is so sick!!! I hope this anime moves away from torturing young girls etc cos it’s seriously sickening! Actually now I’m getting confused. Is she meant to be trained or get pregnant!? ARGH!!!!

Anyway, luckily there is Kariya who offers himself to the training and if he succeeds in winning the war, for Sakura to be set free. Sounds like a good gesture but it’s too late! The @#(&$# father is still going to train the girl in case he fails.

I don’t know what to expect but there wasn’t much music ready to be appreciated in this episode. I hope it gets better!!!!

P.S. Btw, one of the reason why I’m willing to watch this is because Ayako Kawasumi is in it!! I have not heard her voice in AGES!!! She was the person behind Chikane’s voice from Kannazuki no Miko!!!! *SWOON* Just for her, I’ll keep watching. ^_^