When I first watched the trailer of season 3, I was seriously WAY WAY excited for it to come on TV. Alicia looked like she’s completely taken on a new confident and sexy persona. Then while I was checking out the CBS website, look what I find!?! Check out that poster of Alicia!?! I need to do a double take to ensure this is not the poster of some new drama they are looking to roll out!!

In the first half of episode 1, I was giddy with excitement in seeing the whole gang again. Alicia obviously looked amazing; Eli has his quirky charm; Kalinda looked H-O-T; and Will seemed aloof but don’t let him trick you!! Oh and the husband? Who cares!!?! Oh and Cary bugs me to no end so let’s ignore him for now.

Although I started off as pretty excited, I was soon a bit uneasy with the change in dynamics. I hate seeing Alicia and Kalinda stepping on each others toes. The same can KIND OF be said about Alicia and Will too. I’ll keep watching but I think I will try to control my expectations. I don’t want to end up being disappointed!!

Anyone else watching this show, aside from me!?!?! :(