It’s made two seasons, about to come out with a 3rd on 24 September and there’s news that some of the actors have been signed up for even season 4!!! Which TV show!?!? It’s THE GOOD WIFE!!! It’s a legal drama show which is packed full of thrills but it is also topped with subtext yuri!!! HOHOHOHOHO Kind of like Rizzoli & Isles but from what I gather, that show is moving away from subtext to “in-your-eye”-text!! I love the protagonist in the show, Alicia, as she’s such a tough cookie and kick arse lawyer!!

In season 1 & 2 she struggles with the role/personality of always doing the “right” thing versus pursuing what she honestly feels. Season 3 seems to break new ground with her character. It’s about HER being BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!! OOOOH LA LA!!!! The trailer looks awesome!! I can’t wait to watch it!!! is excited too!!!!

Who watched the earlier seasons??! Are you going to watch season 3!?! If you’re not then you better have a darn good reason!!!!! hahaha

OH! Btw, I LOOOOOOOOVE Alicia’s new hair!!!! Such a sexy looking do!!!