*sigh* I so do not get enough of Usagi Drops just with a measly 20 minute episode!! Rin is starting school and when it’s time for Daikichi and her to take a picture, she initiates to take his hand. MAN, is it just me or is this little girl here SUPER mature!?! I thought it was cute how she found cereal so fascinating!!! It’s true though…it does seem more like a snack especially the sweet ones. The most touching part of all must have been when Daikichi brought up the idea of planting a tree to signify Rin’s beginning of schooling. I want a fragrant olive tree too!!!! Maybe I’ll go get a little pot plant for myself (since I live in an apartment). ^_^ This anime is just so heartwarming and tender sweet. I LOVE IT!!

P.S. My favourite cereal is Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut!! YUM!! What’s yours!?!