This is honestly quite a unique anime. Daikichi actually makes contact with Rin’s mother and rather than the expected refusal to meet, she happily agrees. There is a lack of emotion and pretty much indifference is all you sense in this mysterious lady. Turns out she is a mangaka and somehow she says she cannot have both a career and a child. Also, she has coerced herself into believing that Rin is not really her child. BIZARRE! Daikichi leaves with no answers except that she’s happy for Rin to continue staying with him. Her only request is to ask Rin to adopt his surname to avoid embarrassment at school.

Surprisingly, Daikichi struggles with this. To him it’s not just a change in name but also puts him into a “fatherly role”. He finally brings it up and it’s hilarious to see that Rin OUTRIGHT rejects the idea!!! hahahaha She doesn’t want him to become her father.

Daikichi will be Daikichi

This little girl impresses me. She shares such a special bond with Daikichi. It’s cute seeing them live together, brush their teeth together, Rin cooking dinner…I also loved the bit at the beginning when Rin is having a nightmare and she refuses Daikichi’s invitation to jump into his futon! hahahaha Poor Daikichi!!

I’m so looking forward to the next episode!! I can even check out the manga now. I just got my 3 volumes from RightStuf!!! WOOHOO!!!! ^^