AWWWWWW!! Look at them holding hands!!! I think the most significant development in this episode is that Daikichi realises how important he is to Rin. As that lady says, she sees him as family…someone she can trust and rely on. It’s interesting how Daikichi doesn’t quite present himself as a fatherly figure or more like I don’t quite see Daikichi as a father to Rin. More like just a guardian.

Last but not least is what happens in the end…Daikichi calls up Rin’s mother!?!?! WT!?!?! I found this move to be quite surprising. I mean, it’s still very early days in the story!!!?!

I am so glad I had YOU guys (you know who you are) for urging me to watch this anime! I love it! I have already purchased both the single and OST!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!