Edit: OOPS!! It turns out that I actually watched episode 4 – not episode 2!!!! What did I miss!?!?! *runs off to watch*

This is hilarious! Last night I was still thinking that the anime kind of sucked. I hate weak girly characters BUT episode 2 has changed my mind!!! There are a few reasons for this:

  • There is the new character ALICE!! hahaha She’s a rich girl that is obsessed with anything from the Orient which means she’s CRAZY about Yune!! hahaha Now do I spot a touch of yuri there?!! *positions yuri spectacles*
  • I also love how Alice’s voice sounds a bit like Yui Horie!! One of my favourite seiyuu. The actual voice actress is Yuki Aoi. I like her too!!! ^_^
  • Alice says “gokigenyou” to Yune!!!! OMG!!! MARIMITE!!! How I miss that greeting!!! I think I need to go watch Marimite to get my fix!!!
  • Then there is Alice’s sister!!! Camille ONEE-SAMA!!!!!! *faints*
Now how can I not continue watching it!?!?!! LOL Do I change my mind quick or not!?!?! hahahahaha