After episode 2, my uncertainties from episode 1 definitely disappeared. This show is unique (at least for me), warm and fuzzy and just leaves you with joy – how can you not watch it!?! This episode opens up the start of Daikichi’s life with Rin. It’s definitely no easy task for a 30 year old single guy to suddenly embrace the responsibilities of taking care a 6 year old girl. The bond between the two of them is very cute to watch. Patient Daikichi does his best and he amazes me! Despite what he appears to be, he is actually quite sensitive of Rin’s feelings. I’m dying to know what happens next!!

Right now, I’m trying to hunt down the Chinese scanlated manga to read on my iPad. Don’t worry!! I’m also supporting the mangaka!!! I just ordered Usagi Drop (aka Bunny Drop) from RightStuf!! All three volumes!!! ^_^ I also got the CD of the ending theme song. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day!!! Watch this anime if you haven’t already!!!!

Btw, although I’ve bought the English manga, I want to get hold of the Chinese scanlated ones so that I can put it on my iPad. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE but I can’t find it!!! Any ideas people??? :(