This is the 2nd book after Wasted Heart. I decided to read this as the main characters are Jessie and Lauren who I liked very much from Wasted Heart. ^_^

Jessie is tall and striking and has a body to die for, we are told. She is an ex-Olympian and is the co-owner of a boutique gym (aka the local lesbian gym! HAHA). She was introduced in the first book as a player having dated many MANY lesbians in Charlottesville. There are plenty of ladies buzzing around her, ready to pull her into bed. However, it also hinted that maybe there’s more than what meets the eye. She was the one that had a one on one talk with Austy and helped pinned down what her confusion was and how she should not let Elise get away.

Lauren is Austy’s best friend. Lauren is currently running her own law firm and she seems pretty good at it! She has red hair with a pale complexion that is dotted with freckles. Tall and on the lean side but nevertheless attractive. She’s a hopeless romantic and wishes she can meet someone to be with forever. Lauren’s had a few bad experiences where she emotionally got carried away early on and ended up being hurt when her love was not reciprocated. Basically, she might be intelligent and kick arse in court, but relationship wise, she’s pretty much a newbie.

Jessie and Lauren have known each other since college but they’ve always just been friends for each other. Although it’s been so many years, it’s surprising how little they know of each other at times – especially for Lauren.

I thought this book was better in that I liked both characters here (Austy annoyed me a little), I enjoyed reading the author peel back Jessie’s layers to show us what’s underneath. The friends around them also added a lot of fun – especially reading about Austy and Elise! I liked Austy here more than in book 1 – probably because we didn’t see her “speaking to herself” dialogues.

An eight out of 10. ^_^

P.S. Btw, I won’t elaborate, but there is a fairly sad scene in this book…get some tissue ready…