This anime tends to have a feel good factor to it with Ohana saving the day in these two episodes!! YAY!!! These two episodes were really one story where the inn is expecting mysterious visitors to come and score its hospitality. That loud and snobbish consultant that works with her nose almost always facing the sky is coming up with so called tactics.

Both the woman and the uncle are some ding dongs!! Luckily Ohana brings the team to their senses, insisting on treating all customers equally. She also manages to find Tohru to come back to help the kitchen. The only problem with this anime, is that seeing them eat the fish tempura is making me HUNGRY!!!! LOL *nibbles on pillow instead* hahaha I liked this story and the train scenes kind of reminded me of Makoto Shinkai’s works – like “5cm per second“. ^_^ Can’t go wrong with that! Now I feel like staying at a ryokan!! Who’s up for it!?! hahaha